Christmas, IN COMING!!!

Christmas must be the fastest time of the year.  I’m positive time doubles it’s speed for the month of December.  Between shopping, baking, making presents, and everything else, the days become a blur.  Yep, Christmas ends up coming quite quickly.  For me, I like to ssttrreettcchh the Christmas season out a little.  It sometimes sounds weird, shopping for Christmas presents in the fall, but often there’s more variety earlier in the year.  It also gives me more time in December to do some Christmas baking.  When Christmas arrives, I can sit back and enjoy time with the family.  But in the mean time, the oven is begging me to use it.  Watch out, Christmas is IN COMING!!!

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?


Sew Much to be Thankful For!

We have so much to be thankful for here in North America.  How many of us slept inside a warm house last night?  Blankets, furnace, bed…  The list goes on and on.  In other countries, sewing is how families scrape together enough to eat.  At the same time, in North America, sewing can be a fun hobby.  Let’s be grateful for what we have.  For me, that includes my sewing machine.  Just keep in mind, we have so much to be thankful for.

Sewing Machines Have Changed the World

Imagine sitting every night beside a dim candle.  The only light you have comes from that dim candle and/or the fire blazing in the fireplace.  You’re not just sitting though, you’re sewing.  Night after night you push that tiny needle through layers of fabric.  If you don’t sew, your family may be cold when winter comes.  You’ve heard about the new invention that could change the sewing world forever, but it’s only a fantasy to you.  There’s no way you could afford something like that, so you work on.  Every once in a while you’re able to go to town for some shopping.  This time, as you go by the tailor’s shop, you see a new dress hanging by the window.  You go inside to look and the tailor tells you that he now has one of those new sewing machines.  He lets you see it, and once again you are in awe when he tells you it can cut 14-15 hours of sewing time down to 1 hour.  Later that night, you go home and once again sit by that dim candle, sewing.  As you push that little needle through layers of fabric, you wish for one of those sewing machines.

The sewing machine was something that many pioneer women longed to own.  We can look back at it now, while we sit in our comfy chairs, under lights that brighten the darkest corners of a room, and sew on far fancier electric sewing machines than they could have even imagined, and that can do far more than the ones that are sitting in museums.  Now, almost anyone can own a sewing machine.  Less than 200 years ago the sewing world was revolutionized by this invention.  Let’s be thankful for what we have, and wonder what will be invented next…