Do Allergies Make You Miss Out? Not anymore with these substitutions!

Do you feel like you can’t eat because of those annoying and painful allergies?  Allergies seem to be able to make you miss out on so much, but not any more with these substitutions.  Substitutions, when done right, can transform your world!  Here are a few.


  • Ice Cream.  Check out this dairy allergy free recipe for coconut milk ice cream here.
  • Cheese.  Try this substitution for cheese.
  • Butter.  Coconut oil makes a great substitution for butter, both as a spread, and in baking.
  • Milk.  Coconut milk or almond milk are great alternatives for milk allergies.
  • Whipped Cream.  This is a trickier one, but it can be done.  Coconut milk is again the substitution.


  • Baking powder.  Did you know that baking powder has corn starch in it?  Try this simple substitute.
  • Icing sugar.  Icing sugar also has corn starch in it.  Just take a cup of cane sugar, whiz it in the blender, add a tablespoon of arrowroot powder, and use as a normal icing sugar.
  • Corn is hidden under many names.  Maltodextrin, found in many foods, is often corn based.  Make sure you know the “secret names” and watch for them on the ingredient lists as well.

There are many allergies and many substitutions out there.  If you have any questions, or foods you are wondering about substitutions for, you can ask them in the “comment” section and I’ll see what I can do.


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