Knitting vs. Crocheting…

Have you ever wondered what the difference between knitting and crocheting is?  Here are a few differences that I have found.

When knitting, you use two needles and make loops.  You keep making a new loop over top of the old one.

When crocheting, you use one hook to make knots.  You keep tying knots onto the old ones.

Knitting is usually slower than crocheting.

Crocheting uses more yarn.

Knitting is looser and softer when finished.

Crocheting is tighter and stronger.

Knitting has fewer stitches to learn.

Crocheting has more unique designs.

It’s easy to drop stitches and ruin a piece when knitting.

It’s hard to lose stitches when crocheting.

Some people prefer crocheting, while some prefer knitting.  Personally, I like both!  Knitting works better when I want something to be soft(like a baby blanket), while crocheting is better when I want to do a project quickly.  I do both knitting and crocheting regularly.  They’re both fun and unique.


3 thoughts on “Knitting vs. Crocheting…

  1. Ulla Cinnamon says:

    I agree Janna, I enjoy both depending what mood I am in. Today I went to Fabricland and bought material to make a tablecloth. My table is 3×4 feet so I didn’t need much material and it was on sale for 65% off. Can’t resist a good bargain. The material is in squares of three shades of blue and has kind of a cottage feel to it. With Grandpa gone, I have gone through our place and cleaned every nook and cranny and shampooed the carpets so now I thought I needed a fresh bit of color to add the finishing touches. Maybe I will dig out the knitting that I started a couple years ago and get it finished. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Ulla Cinnamon says:

    I just finished sewing my tablecloth and it looks so nice. Wish I knew how to send a picture by e-mail. Maybe some day I will learn.


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