Filet Crochet, (it rhymes!)

Filet Crochet, sounds complicated, doesn’t it?  Actually it’s not!  Filet crochet is making pictures out of yarn by using open and closed boxes.  Still sound complicated?  Filet crochet is really just one simple stitch along with a simple variation on that same stitch!  My latest yarn project I’m working on is a picture of a horse head using this technique.  (Pictured below)  So many things sound too complicated.  So many things aren’t attempted because they sound complicated.  When you want to try something new, don’t let a fancy name scare you off!  For those of us who knit, we know that a blanket, or sweater aren’t just thrown together.  We have to take it one stitch at a time.  A lot of hard things can be broken down into small, simple steps.  Just take it one step at a time.  Try something new!IMG_0862


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