Super Salad Dressing

All the natural health experts are talking about these “super foods”.  Well… What are these “super foods”?  Avocado is one of them.  Not everybody likes to eat avocado right off the peel.  And not everybody likes standard guacamole. (I don’t)  But here is a “recipe” Mom threw together.  Both she and I have made several variations on it.

1 Avocado

A generous splash of lemon juice

Close to the same amount of olive oil

A splash/sprinkle of sweetener to taste (I use stevia powder, Mom uses maple syrup).

Garlic and Onion powder to taste.

Whiz the first 3 ingredients in the blender.  Add the rest, and whiz again until nice and creamy.  Throw it on a salad, or make it thicker, and use as a veggie dip.  But most importantly, EXPERIMENT!!!  I’ve tried coconut oil instead of olive oil and it turned out to be a different texture and flavour!  You can try other spices, oils, or anything you want.

Recipes are often guidelines, not rule books, have fun and experiment!


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